Why I Decided To Change My Instagram Up…

Instagram is a toughie. That should actually be the title of this post as it is such a difficult app. It used to be my absolute favourite thing and I loved posting on there and interacting with other bloggers but it’s become a love it or hate it app which makes me so sad! Now, this isn’t a rant about the blooming algorithm or unsupportive friends/fellow bloggers, this is just a post to explain my views on the app and why I’ve decided to change it up…

I’ve fallen completely out of love with Instagram, I tend to only post on there when I’ve uploaded a blog post to let my followers now on there and that’s it. I love the Insta stories, I’m always posting on there but when it comes to actual uploads they’re few and far between.

The algorithm hit me rather hard. I’ve tried everything that I could to try and boost my engagement and it did increase but it’s inconsistent. I find that I’m so picky with what I upload on Instagram, a few months back I had loads of photos that I wanted to share but they didn’t fit in with my theme or weren’t bloggery enough. Also, my Insta is both for my blog and my personal account so I have a lot of family and friends on there as well as my blogger friends.

I took this photo on Saturday night. A completely unfiltered photo that captures a moment of pure joy and love. I wanted to share it on my Insta but didn’t because I have no makeup on and have the biggest eye bags ever and I mean it’s hardly a well put together flat lay (not like I did them beforehand?!). You know what it is though, a photo of me and my gorgeous nieces during one of the funniest nights of my life, there’s so much love and happiness in that photo and that photo means a lot more to me than any photo of an eyeshadow palette.


On Sunday night whilst lay in the bath I decided I needed a change with that blooming app for me to fall back in love with it so I went for it. I posted two photos without that border and wrote long captions with 0 hashtags and without caring what anyone would think. I felt so empowered which may sound daft but I didn’t sit fretting on my notifications page worrying that it wouldn’t have a high engagement etc. I loved the photos I uploaded and felt amazing about it.

There’s another side to the Insta change that I kinda want to explain which I went into in the caption of my first photo. I sometimes hide behind my blog and my photos of beauty products etc. but there’s a person behind every blog. I’m a person before I’m a blogger. I’m also an Aunty, a girlfriend, a daughter, a support worker, a lover of pepperoni pizza and long baths. That list could go on and on. A blogger is just one of the things that I am so why should that platform be for just that one side of me. I want to share things about my family, about my job and about my life in general being honest and unfiltered.


So yeah. That’s that. I hope you enjoy my new Instagram content and get to know me a bit more. I am by no means judging anyone who uses their platforms differently, use them how you want to use them and be happy! Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and enjoy my change in Insta. Don’t forget to drop me a follow to make sure you follow all the new content, the link is under thisss.

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  1. I absolutely agree! I have also gone through a few weeks without posting because I haven’t found a photo I consider good enough! I feel like I’m posting for other people rather than myself and I agree that we need to remember who we are to begin with! I really enjoyed reading this post!☺️

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  2. Honestly, I like pictures of YOU and your real life more! I like IG accounts that are all aesthetically pleasing and has well thought out fancy pictures and all that jazz but I’m way more involved with personable posts that are just YOU! My IG account is both my personal and blog account too and I struggled with feeling inadequate because I don’t post like other bloggers do! But I like my IG account and I want it to be about ME. Not just my blog. Social media accounts are to be social and you can’t be that social if all that appears is your platform and not also yourself! Great post! Glad you decided to do something for you!

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  3. great post mollie! I know how frustrating it is with insta these days and I am so over it! I have stopped paying attention to numbers and I just post without seeing or thinking about how many people are liking/commenting.. it’s just the way I’ve become! 🙂

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  4. I am loving this! The perfect attitude to have! I have started doing the same too – I will upload what I want because it is a photo I like. A theme isn’t important when it comes to capturing and documenting memories xx

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  5. I post pictures I feel good in and no one likes them.. I think I want to stop putting 12357 hashtags and work on getting a message across on my caption to allow my followers to know me

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