My First Tattoo!!

On Saturday, I got my first tattoo!!!!

The more that I say and think about it the more it doesn’t feel real but it definitely is! You’ll have more than likely seen my tattoo on my social media accounts as I shared it on all of them out of pure excitement. Buuuut I thought I’d do a full blog post showing you all my tattoo, explaining the meaning behind, the process etc.. So, let’s get into it…

I was going to get a tattoo the day that I turned 18 which was 8 months ago now. I ummed and ahhhed far too much over what to get and who to go with so much so that I just didn’t end up getting it. Every month since then I’ve pondered whether to do it and debated it as I know a lot of tattoos that I want it was juts a case of what I wanted first and when. I have some very big tattoos that I want but also smaller ones, I want ones on my legs and ankles and definitely more on my arms.

I recently started a new job, my first proper one and I knew that with my first proper wage I wanted to get something really special. I had a nice necklace in mind or ring but I decided something a bit more permanent would be more special.

I was scrolling through the Discover page on Instagram (is that what it’s called?!) a few months ago when I saw this image, I look at a lot of tattoo accounts on Insta for inspiration so they usually pop up on recommended. I instantly fell in love with the font and simplicity of the ‘Papa’ tattoo. I thought it was beautiful.


My Papa passed away nearly three years ago now and not a day goes by where I don’t think of him. I miss him more every day. I knew that I wanted to get a tattoo for him I just didn’t know what until I saw the above image and I knew that was perfect. It is simple, subtle and perfect for remembering him. I didn’t want anything too much or in your face, this was just perfect.

On Friday whilst driving to work I decided that I wanted it. If I debated over it any longer I’d never get it done, I needed to be spontaneous and not have too long to mull over the idea. So I messaged the tattoo artist who does my Dad’s quite late on asking if he could fit me in and very accommodatingly he booked me in for the next morning.

I didn’t feel nervous at all, I was more excited and ready to get my first one done. I debated over getting it on my collarbone but I want to make a start to my sleeve and this is perfect to work around so I decided on my arm.

On the morning I felt a little bit uneasy but I got up early, did my hair and makeup and took my mind off it. My Dad came with me as it’s his tattoo artist as well and I thought it’d be more special if he was with me.

Once I was in the chair waiting that was when I started to get butterflies and feel a bit queasy. There was a few little details that I needed to confirm which I hadn’t really thought of like the size of the font and if I want it to be the same font as on the image. Once we decided on those the stencil was on and there was no looking back, not that I wanted too anyway.

When people say that they can’t explain what it feels like I completely understand them now as you can’t explain it. It’s like a scratching irritating annoyance that at times hurts and at other times tickles but is bearable as you know the outcome far outweighs the process.


I’m not going to lie to you, it blooming hurt. It absolutely killed but I was brave and grinned and beared it until he started on the final letter, the capital P and that’s when it killed and I started to twitch. But I got through it and I am so in love with it, I know my Papa would love it too.

I went to Superdrug straight after to get some aftercare, I bought Tattoo Goo from recommendation and it’s really good. A day later I have a bit of a dead arm but I can’t take my eyes off of it, I absolutely love it. I have 100% got the bug, I can’t wait to book my next one in, it’s one that I know you will all love just as much as me!

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 19.47.52.png

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! If you’ve got any questions or anything like that feel free to ask in the comments!

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  1. I love it! So nice and simple, I like where you chose to place it too, that’s always the hardest part deciding where to put it, to fit with the rest you want. Well done for braving the gun😄 Tattoos are worth every bit of pain, I got my first (also my biggest) on my stomach when I was 18! The artist was so scared to do such a big one for it being my first time, on one of the sorest places but I took it like a champ🤗 I have 5 now.. Can’t wait to see other ones you get over time! Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah i love your tattoo and meaning! Ngl this is making me want a second tattoo so badly 🙈. Also do you know if the tattoo goo works? Ive never tried products like that (ive only ever used Bepenthanol, like my artist suggested) when healing my tattoo, bc ive always thought theyre a little gimicy x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow, not only does it look beautiful I love how it actually has such a strong meaning. I think if something is going to be on your forever it needs to have meaning and this way a part of your dad will always be with you xx

    Liked by 2 people

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