First Impressions: Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick

I finally got my hands on one of the Makeup Revolution foundation sticks when they came back in stock on the Superdrug website. I was absolutely chuffed as I’ve been dying to try these since they came out since the concealer blew my mind (full review of that here). I picked this up in the shade F1, the same shade that I have the concealer in. This shade is for fair skin tones with neutral undertones, there are 18 shades of this foundation which is absolutely incredible for such an affordable product.


I’ve actually never used a foundation stick before so I’m excited to use this. This claims to leave a fresh, dewy finish which isn’t my go to as I prefer a matte finish but I’m up for giving it a go. I think there’s a decent amount of product in there when wound up all the way. This comes into Superdrug in store at the end of the month so if you want to go in and have a test of it before you buy, I believe it’s the 28th when you can.


 I did one stripe on my cheek to check the shade was okay and I was shocked straight away as it applied so easily and even before I’d blended it, it looked nice!? It applied so easily and was really creamy and not awkward to apply at all.


Just for reference and so you can hopefully see the difference when I show you the results, this is what my skin looks like before I apply any foundation. My skin really isn’t the best at the moment so I was apprehensive about including this but this is my face, I’m not perfect whatsoever and that’s fine, I’m just human.


I applied what I thought was a decent amount in order for it to give a fairly full coverage. I prefer a full coverage it just makes me feel more confident and comfortable with my skin and makes my makeup feel better on my face. I’ve heard people say that this isn’t that full of a coverage so I packed it on.


I can 1000000% understand why this is called the ‘Fast Base’ as it blended out so quickly and so easily, it didn’t need loads of blending and work it effortlessly blended out. I was so shocked and so so pleased with how it looked on first impression.


The shade was perfect for my skin, I was pleased with the coverage although I did add a little bit more on my nose as I’m struggling with my skin on there at the moment.


It made my skin look so healthy and glowy, I was apprehensive about the dewy finish before trying it but I loved how it made my skin looked. I couldn’t believe it when it was blended out, I didn’t need another layer it looked perfect on my skin if I do say so myself.


I then applied some of the Conceal and Define concealer in the corresponding shade C1, I had a feeling the concealer shade wouldn’t have the same brightening effect because it’s the same shade as the foundation. I was wrong. The concealer is still so brightening under the eye, the two together make a PERFECT base that is my dream. I will 100% be reaching this from day to day as application is so easy and effortless yet it looks amazing.

I had this foundation on for a very long time as I was working until 11.30 and I didn’t notice any signs of it wearing or sinking into my skin or going patchy, it still looked healthy, glowy and full coverage. This is a great foundation for work and for being on the go.

My only disadvantage is I’d be worried about using this up quickly as after using it for two faces of foundation there was a significant amount used up. However for £5 I would 100% rebuy this whenever I needed too.

Thank you so much for reading this, I hope you enjoyed this review, I love Makeup Revolution and love writing about the brand!

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