Testing New In Skincare-Nip+Fab, Glamglow, L’oreal, Simple

I’ve been having a lot more makeup free days to help my skin breathe and hopefully improve. I thought to help this I would invest in some new skincare bits, which my bank account may not have enjoyed but I certainly did. So in this post I’m going to share my opinions and mini reviews of the products that I’ve been testing out…

Nip+Fab Glycolic Instant Fix Mask


I picked this up in TKMaxx for £4.99 and I couldn’t wait to try it as I love nothing more than a good face mask. This claims to be an ‘Instant Fix’ face mask which I was drawn to most about this. It’s a gel mask which I have a few of and really enjoy using as they don’t feel heavy on your skin and feel so refreshing.

I applied this as I got in the bath and as it advises on the tube, I kept it on for 10 minutes. My skin was very tingly and felt quit uncomfortable which I put down to the acids in it. I couldn’t wait to take it off which I was so disappointed in! My skin was very red and sensitive after I’d tentatively removed it, I couldn’t even use a moisturiser as my skin felt so sore. I will definitely give this another go as it may have just been my skin’s initial reaction it however my first impression wasn’t overly positive.

Nip+Fab Dragon’s Blood Fix Daily Cleansing Pads


I feel like everyone and their Mum has tried these Nip+Fab Cleansing Pads but I was never one of them. I popped into Superdrug last week and saw these for £4.50 which I thought was really good however I have seen them in TKMaxx for a bit cheaper so it’s always worth checking your local store! These smell so strong which I thinks the acids and dragon’s blood. You are meant to use these twice a day to cleanse your skin.

I am so impressed with these, they’re so gentle on your skin and felt really hydrating as well as obviously, cleansing. I’ve been using these every morning and evening for the past few days and my skin feels so clean whenever I use them, these have taken the place of micellar water on a cotton pad and I don’t think I’ll go back as nothing compares to how my skin feels after I’ve used one of these. I can’t wait to try some of the different variations of the pads as I’m so pleased with these!

Nip+Fab Bee Sting Fix Repairing Shot



I found this in Superdrug for £2.50, how insane a price is that for a bottle of Nip+Fab serum!? This has bee venom in it, as well as hyaluronic acid which make it very nourishing and repairing for your skin. I love the bottle of this, the pipette is really easy to use. On the box it says you can apply this solely on the face for a targeted concentrate but you could also mix it in with your moisturiser/serum which I was very excited to try.

This is my favourite product out of this whole post and has become a product that I reach for daily. I used this firstly on it’s own all over my face, it wasn’t greasy or oily at all, it felt so hydrating and moisturising and gave me the full effect of an oil without the oiliness! It made my skin feel absolutely amazing, I just can’t rave about this product enough. I then mixed it in with my moisturiser the next morning and it made such a nice consistency that smoothed so well into my skin and made it feel amazing all day when I was working. I will 100000% be rebuying this when they restock and trying different variations. TRY THIS!!!

Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment


I received this through the post from Glamglow, I don’t remember giving them my details or anything as such but thank you anyway Glamglow for this mini! So this face mask is best for oily-normal skin types, which I am SO pleased about, this is going to be perfect for my skin. It also recommends that if you have sensitive skin, apply this only as a spot treatment.

As I opened this tube I squeezed it so it went EVERYWHERE which I wasn’t happy about as this is expensive stuff and this tube isn’t too big. Anyways this applied really easily and was black/charcoal like on application. As the mask dried and set on my face it turned grey. It felt comfortable on my skin, it wasn’t heavy or cloggy at all. I kept it on for 20 minutes then washed it off with warm water, there was no scrubbing required it came off really easily. I’m very impressed with this face mask, it made my skin feel amazing and was a really comfortable mask to have on.

L’oreal Hydra Genius Aloe Water, Normal to Combination Skin


I’ve wanted this for forever as it’s meant to be amazing for oily skin, which I suffer with big time. I picked this up in ASDA for £3.50 which is such a good price it’s usually about £7 in the drugstores so I was chuffed with this price! I love the consistency of this moisturiser, it’s very much water based and feels very lightweight and not greasy at all. This has pure aloe sap and hyaluronic acid in it which make it so amazing for your skin.

I LOVED this. A little goes a really long way, I only used one pump and that covered my whole face, which I was very impressed with. It smoothed into my skin easily and was instantly refreshing and soothing, my skin definitely felt moisturised. I’ve been having a lot more makeup free days and on those days when I apply a moisturiser I HATE it when it looks greasy, I tend to have to wash my face and apply one I know won’t make me look like a slug. This does not look greasy whatsoever so I know I can always rely on this on those days! I highly recommend this if you also suffer with oily skin and need a reliable, non-greasy moisturiser.

Simple De-Stress Sheet Mask


I’ve been meaning to pick up one of the Simple sheet masks for so long so when I saw them on offer in ASDA for £1.50 I couldn’t resist. I picked up the ‘De-Stress’ one as my skin DEFINITELY needs de-stressing! I LOVE sheet masks so couldn’t wait to try this, none have come close to the Garnier ones, not even the Face Inc. ones.

I was a bit shocked when I opened the pack as loads of water came out, all over my freshly washed pjs and soaked me. After that initial shock I got the mask out of the package and it was very very wet, like soaking. This meant that when I first put it on my face it was very soothing and felt really nice. It fit well on my face, it wasn’t too big or small, it sat just nice. It didn’t irritate or feel uncomfortable for the 10 minutes that I had it on which is so important for me and is a determining factor in whether I buy it again. I took it off and rubbed in the excess product and my skin felt really refreshed and clean. I’m so impressed with this and will definitely be trying the different variations of this.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post as I really enjoyed writing it!

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  1. I really wish i could just go into the drugstore and pick up all of the pretty products or cool sounding skincare (like face masks and nip+fab) but the whole 19 years ive been alive the only skincare i can use is either prescribed from the doctors or extremely gentle cleansers from Lush (even the things for sensitive skin start to irritate me sooner or later) it really is annoying and i wish i could try the nip+fab stuff! Lovely post though x

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