Week In The Life-Full Time Support Worker and Blogger

I consider myself to be quite a busy gal. I have a full time job, a blog which I run part time, a family and a boyfriend who I want to see as much as I can and of course myself to look after. A lot of people don’t know what it’s like to be a support worker. Before I had a full time job I completely underestimated how hard it’d be to balance a blog and social media accounts with it. It’s hard, believe me. So the purpose of this post is for you to have a little insight into my life and what a week is usually like (although each week is very different).

I love Mondays, it’s the start of a fresh week full of new opportunities and a fresh start. I always feel full of motivation and drive ready to face what the new week brings me. I set my alarm to get up at 7.45AM, I decided to have a no makeup day to let my skin breathe. I set off from my house at 8.45AM and my first call was at 9.30AM in Formby. It was a really sunny day today which makes outreach calls so much easier, this call was spent taking the dog to the field for a big walk which is really enjoyable. When that finished I drove home, I uploaded a blog post which was a review of some hair products from the Organic Shop which you can read here. I did some blog work, made myself some lunch and watched a film called The Darkness before I had to leave again at 4.30 for a local call which was home based. That finished at 8 and on my way home I stopped off at Jacobs and we had a McDonalds and a catch up.

I got up at 9AM today as I didn’t have a call until later on. Jacob came round and we had a chippy lunch and watched a film called Slumber. We nipped to Bargain Buys where I bought a car hoover so we spent probably about an hour cleaning the inside of my car, which doesn’t sound like fun but we’ve got to make the most of our time together. I left for work at 2.45 for a call in Southport which is very much a babysitting-esque call then I was straight form that call to a call in Liverpool which was another home call. I got home for 9.25PM, had some tea and went straight to bed.

I was up at 7.45AM today to leave at 8.45, I managed to throw a bit of makeup on my face today and make a bit of an effort with my appearance. I got to my call at 9.30 to find out it wasn’t meant to start for another hour, that’s how tired I am today!!! However it was all fine and the call was really lovely, it was nice and sunny again and we had a trip out to Southport which was nice. After that call finished, I met Jacob at the chippy (our second home) for 1.40 and we went home to watch a film called ‘Before I Wake’ (highly recommend this!!!). I left at 4.10 and had an hours home call where I have to cook, I honestly don’t know how I do it as I’m the most useless cook haha! I then had a 6-8PM call where we go to a club, I always enjoy those calls. However there was loads of traffic and the motorway I get on to go home was shut so I only managed to get back to St.Helens for 9.10. I went straight to the pub with Jacob and a few friends for a pub quiz which was really fun until I got a phone call to say my gorgeous sister Katie had had her baby!!!!! AHHHHH!!


I went straight to the hospital with my Mumma to meet my gorgeous new nephew, Frankie, when he was just an hour old. We got home for 1.30 in the morning and I hadn’t eaten and literally dropped off to sleep. Frankie is absolutely gorgeous and is such a dream, I’m so proud of Katie she’s a good one.


I woke up at 8.30AM today, I hadn’t even set an alarm so I don’t know how that happened haha! Especially considering I was SO tired. I watched The Charlotte Show and did some blog things such as, sending/replying to emails and organising a schedule (ish). I text Jacob to come round and we had some lunch and chilled. I also got an amazing blogger mail parcel today from a campaign that I’m part of! There’ll be a blog post coming soon about it so keep an eye out for that…


I washed and dried my hair and even curled it (!!!) I also put a bit of makeup on, I was a changed woman today. I had some chill time with my Mum, Dad and two nieces before leaving for work at 7PM to take a woman line dancing until half 10 which means I only get home at around 11ish *sob*.

Friday is my day off this week-woo yeah! I was up early to take my Mama (Nan) to ASDA to do a big shop then Costa for some breakfast, I love this quality time. I then went into town to the cafe where my Mum and sister, Vicky, work for some lunch. I’d love if you’d go over to The Kitchen’s Instagram page, they’re currently running an amazing competition and if you’re local in the Merseyside area I can’t recommend them enough!


I went back to Vicky’s house to chill with my gorgeous nieces and nephew and have some tea.


I went straight from Vic’s to Jacob’s to pick him up and we went to the hospital to visit my other sister, Katie and little Frankie Bear. We had the best time, we had a Subway and Mcflurries and chilled for ages. I don’t think I’ll ever forget this evening, it was so special and just a perfect few hours with two of my faves (three including little bubs).


I work every other weekend and this weekend is my weekend in *sob*. I got up at 8ish and set off just before half 9 as my first call was local and starts at quarter to 10. Said call was cancelled so I headed home to spend some time with my Mum and Dad and get some blog work done. I headed back out at half 1 for an outreach call until 5 where we went to a club. I got home promptly (aka put my foot down, jk don’t speed pls!!!) as I drove up to an incredible takeaway which is about 15 minutes away but is SO worth it! I watched some TV and had my takeaway with my Momma and Poppa. I then headed up to Jacob’s to watch the Amir Khan v Phil Lo Greco fight, I really enjoy boxing and have got into it so much more recently. The fight only lasted 40 seconds so we watched the film Mirrors after it which was so good! 

Today I woke up a bit hormonal and emotional and VERY tired. I had a chilled morning, I watched Mirrors 2 and tried to have some time to recharge before setting off for work at 12.40. The call was 3 hours and was an outreach call. I was meant to have another 3 hour call after that until 8PM but that got cancelled so it was replaced with another call which was also cancelled! So I got home for 4.20, had a gorgeous bubble bath and chilled with my family before having a well deserved BIG SLEEP.

And that was my week. Every week is different so I’ll probably do one of these again soon but that was this week.

Thank you so much for reading, I really hope you enjoyed this post and the insight into what it’s like to be a full time support worker, part time blogger and balance normal life with both of those.

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    1. I support disabled adults and children, whether it be physical or mental disabilities or mental health problems etc, I either take them out in the community (for food, shopping, clubs, pick up from school etc) or helping them in the home (company, baby sitting, helping round the house etc). That makes it sound really fun which It is but it’s challenging as well xx

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  1. Loved reading this. I have a full time job too but it’s 9-5:30 weekdays only so I guess it is more structured. I enjoyed hearing about your downtime – I need to get better at that haha.

    Tamzin Lena

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