Decluttering Makeup

I hoard everything, especially makeup which I rarely sort through or throw away. My collection seems to be getting quite out of hand so I decided it was time for a declutter, time to get rid of the makeup which I was disappointed by, didn’t use or wasn’t suitable for my skin tone etc… So, I decided to share with you what makeup I’ve decluttered…

Max Factor Creme Puff Pressed Powder in 05 Translucent 


I rely on powders to bring my base together and to mattify my makeup as I struggle with oily skin, especially on my forehead. I usually buy translucent powders as I feel like most powders that are a shade (if you get me?) don’t suit my skin and are usually too dark, especially under the eyes which is an area that I like to be bright to make me look more awake and alive. This is far too dark and is not translucent whatsoever, it’s orangey and SO dark. It also STINKS, the pan of the powder absolutely reeks, which is not a good sign and puts me off using it.

I will not be repurchasing this or giving it a second chance, this is going in the bin!

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in 010 Ivory


This is so many people’s holy grail alongside the foundation, mentioned below, but this does nothing for me. A few years ago I used to only wear concealer and powder on my base and this was my go to concealer and I LOVED it. However, now that I am more well informed about makeup and have used a lot more different products, my opinion has changed. I bought this in the lightest shade and it is so orange and far too dark for my skin tone, especially to be used under my eyes. I’m not too impressed with the coverage of this either, I like a full coverage concealer which will hide my dark circles and make my skin look fresh and awake but I find that this doesn’t do that for me at all.

That main photo shows the comparison of swatches of the Rimmel concealer and the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define (full review here) which I use on the daily which isn’t even in the lightest shade (crazy!?). Brands need to accommodate for all skin types and tones and those swatches highlight that for me.

I would repurchase this if they brought out a lighter shade as it would be suitable for when my skin is clearer and I don’t need as much coverage. This tube is near enough empty so will be going in the bin.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in 100 Ivory 


I have a few more positive things to say about the foundation than I did about the concealer. I feel like this lives up to it’s name as it does wake up your skin and makes your skin look healthy. However, this is too dark for my skin, I used it when I had a spray tan or when I’d self tanned as it doesn’t suit my normal skin tone. I like the coverage of this and how it makes my skin look but it’s too dark and orangey for my natural skin. It’s so frustrating in this day in age when brands can’t accommodate for different skin tones and shades, it’s so disappointing.

This bottle is empty so will be going in the bin and like the concealer I won’t be repurchasing this unless they brought out a lighter shade that would be more suitable for my skin tone.

L’oreal Infallible Sculpt Contouring Base Foundation in 01 Light


I bought this when this range first came out as I was so intrigued by the whole ‘contouring base’ idea as I was obsessed with the whole contour trend. I decluttered the other products in this range a long time ago but this I’ve given chance after chance. I find it’s very liquidy, it comes out like watery which makes it quite hard to blend and get an equal coverage on my face. I also find the shade of this a bit too dark for my skin and the coverage is far too light for my preference. I also found that this had no impact on how my contouring looked on top of it. Overall, this was a very disappointing product!

There’s still quite a lot of product left in the bottle but I don’t think it’d be of use to any of my family so will be going in the bin. I don’t think this range is still in the shops so even if I wanted to repurchase it I wouldn’t be able to!

Essence Eyebrow Fixing Pencil


I bought this thinking it was a really interesting idea and something that I was definitely interested in trying out. I can’t find this on the website so I don’t know if they’ve stopped selling it but I found it a pretty useless product anyway. The only thing that was of use about it was the spooly on the lid, apart from that the wax product in the pencil didn’t do anything other than clog up any hairs.

I’m very disappointed with this product and find no use in it so it will be going in the bin, Essence is a really great affordable brand so this isn’t obviously a representation of my thoughts on the brand on a whole.

Benefit They’re Real Tinted Primer


I got this as a freebie with a magazine last year and I was so excited to try it. I’m a huge fan of Benefit and really love their mascaras, plus I have the worst eyelashes ever, so I loved the whole idea of a primer for your lashes. I couldn’t tell a difference when I used this, which is frustrating as the whole point of using this is to improve the look of your lashes but I didn’t notice a difference, other than my lashes feeling worse for having another layer of product on them.

I wouldn’t buy the full size product of this, as it’s too pricey for a product that I didn’t think was of any use. I would definitely be interested in trying lash primers from other brands though but this one will be going in the bin sadly!

Makeup Revolution Baked Highlighter in Gold Addict


I am a huge fan of Makeup Revolution, they’re one of my favourite makeup brands and continue to impress me with every new release. I received this in their advent calendar (which I’ve bought two years on the run and LOVE) and it simply isn’t the right shade for me. For a highlighter it is far too dark for my skin tone and wouldn’t be complimentary at all. As an eyeshadow shade this could work however I have enough palettes with shades similar so it’d be an unnecessary item in my collection.

There is absolutely no faults with the product itself it is simply the shade so I’ll be passing this on to my Mumma who has a darker skin tone than me so this will be more suitable for her.

Makeup Revolution Anti Shine Balm


This was another product that I got in my advent calendar and I was so interested in it as I suffer with oily skin and get very shiny and oily so this sounded right up my street. I used this a few times, applying it with my finger onto my forehead, chin and nose (my oiliest areas) after priming. I could notice a slight difference but nothing that made me want to use it everyday. I opt for using a good primer, blotting paper and a setting spray to help my oily skin so this seemed like an unnecessary step as it didn’t make that much of a difference.

I’ll be offering this to my family before getting rid of it as if someone had only slightly oily skin this would probably work quite well but because mine is quite hefty it doesn’t make that much of a difference.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Stick in 015 Trespassing Taupe


I bought this in ASDA once as I’d never tried an eyeshadow stick before and trusted that one made by Rimmel would be the best to try. The shade was perfect, it was the perfect brown and was quite well priced. However, this literally didn’t last long at all!? It gave a few good uses then became difficult to use and stubby. The formula was really nice and it blended perfectly so it was so frustrating to not get good quantity for the price.

I wouldn’t buy one of these again as I was disappointed with the amount of profit in the stick but that is the only fault I have. If they changed the packaging or quantity that you get I would probably be interested in trying it again. This will be going in the bin as there’s nothing in it!

L’oreal Lumi Magique Highlighting Pen in 1 Light


I picked this up quite cheap in TJ Hughes last year as I do love trying new makeup products, especially ones with rose gold packaging! I HATE the twisty brush applicator, this is my worst nightmare in terms of hygiene and wasting product as when you eventually get product out SO MUCH comes out!! The shade is very orangey and isn’t light or highlighting at all for me. I just do not like this product at all and I have only used it once or twice as an eyeshadow base as it does not highlight my skin at all.

I wouldn’t buy this again, even if they made a shade suitable for my skin, as the applicator is not my preference in concealers etc. as I find it difficult to use and not hygienic at all. This will be going in the bin as I couldn’t imagine any of my family wanting this!



I hoard my brushes so when I came to looking what I wanted to declutter I struggled. But I managed to find three that I don’t use whatsoever. The two brushes with the clear handles were from a set that I got quite cheap (not sure where from) when I first started enjoying makeup, although the eye brushes were good quality, the face brushes were shocking. These are so prickly and shed hairs whenever I use them. The same goes for the third brush which actually came in an Estee Lauder gift set but I find that it is similar in that the bristles are very harsh and prickly and isn’t a nice brush to use at all which is surprising considering the price and quality of the brand on a whole.

I will offer these to my Mumma before getting rid of them as she may make some use of them, even as spares or for in her handbag.

Thank you so much for reading, I really hope you enjoyed this post I’ve never done this style of post before so it’s something a bit different on my blog but nevertheless I hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. Love makeup declutters- I really need to finish doing mine but I’m a hoarder too. Does the Rimmel shadow stick not sharpen? I have one of their Kate Moss sticks and it just sharpens like a normal pencil to get more product

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  2. I have a bag in my room full of makeup thats no good or that i dont want anymore like some of my Asda makeup when i did asda makeup haul or just minis ive had! I always feel a bit refereshed when id have a little clear out!

    Liked by 1 person

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