Disappointing Makeup (That I Won’t Get Rid Of!)

I have quite a hefty makeup collection. When you have a big makeup collection I think it’s a given that there’s going to be some bits that you aren’t that keen on. So, today I’m going to share with you the makeup products in my collection that I was disappointed by BUT that I won’t get rid of and give chance after chance. Let’s get into it…

Collection Sheer Loose Powder in 1 Barely There

I am a stippler for using powder, it makes my makeup look put together and helps my oily skin. I like to try a few different ones as I’m still searching for the perfect one (send me recommendations please!!) so I picked this one up for a couple of pounds in Superdrug. This claims to be in the shade ‘Barely There’ yet I feel like it makes my skin look orangey and a bit cakey with the colour of it. I like it as a powder but the shade, if this was actually translucent or pale enough this’d be a winner.

I keep hold of this because I do use it from time to time if I don’t need my makeup looking perfect. I sometimes use it to set my eyelids and little bits like this so I’m still getting some of my money’s worth. If you don’t like powders that aren’t pale or translucent I wouldn’t recommend this. This also makes an awful mess whenever I open it which is a nightmare.

Rimmel Fresher Skin Foundation in 10 Light Porcelain

I tried a sample of this foundation that I got in a magazine last year and I really enjoyed it so I asked for a full size one for my birthday (hauled it here). It is nothing like the sample!? This goes on my skin really bitty and it just doesn’t sit right at all, I included it in my Cheapest Face of Makeup post if you’re interested in seeing me include it in a look.

I won’t get rid of this because it’s a full size foundation that is fairly full I don’t want to throw it away and waste it. I do try and use this once in a blue moon then realise I hate it then go back to not using it for months then repeat. This might work for you it just depends on your skin type, tone and your preference for foundation.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer in 51 Light

I used to love the Bourojois Healthy Mix Foundation, I don’t tend to reach for it as much anymore and I adore the corresponding powder so I gave the concealer a go. I do love this concealer, it really does match up with the foundation as it gives you that healthy look. BUT it just isn’t pale enough to be a concealer that I use under my eyes. It’s very yellowy toned and doesn’t seem to lighten and brighten my under eye area. I’ve swatched it alongside the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define in C1 (full review of that here) to show the difference between the two shades and the MR one isn’t even in the latest shade!

I’m keeping hold of this because I do use this from time to time and I really enjoy using it as an eyeshadow base as it is a nice concealer bar the shade. This only just made the cut for this post as the only thing that disappointed me with it was the shade. It’s such a shame that brands can’t accommodate for different skin types, tones and preferences. I’d love if Bourjois would release more shades as their products are great.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in 206 Nude Pink

I used to love Rimmel lipsticks when I first started getting into makeup but I haven’t used them since and this is the only one that remains in my collection. This shade is just really weird, it’s a corally, pinky, nudey weird shade that just doesn’t look right on my lips and doesn’t suit my skin tone.

I’m not too sure why I have kept hold of this to be fair as the shade isn’t for me and I don’t reach for it at all. I’m going to pass this on to my Mumma as it might suit her skin tone a bit more. This should have probably gone into my Decluttering Makeup post!

Tanya Burr Selfie Sculpt Eyebrow Pencil in Fair

I picked this up when it was reduced in Superdrug to 99p. I’m not a fan of eyebrow pencils whatsoever so this was a purchase that I made in the hope that I would suddenly fall in love with brow pencils. But I didn’t. I find the angled pencil really awkward to use, I couldn’t figure out how to get a decent amount of product out and couldn’t get a proper shape on my brows. The colour was a bit gingery/blondey for me also, as you can probably tell I just wasn’t a fan of this all round.

This is going to sound awful, I keep hold of this is because the packaging is really pretty! I do also really like the spooly that comes on the other side as it’s really handy and is a decent little brush for your brows. I’ll keep hold of this ‘just in case’.

Fleur De Force x Eylure Brow Palette 

I posted a full review of this on my blog (you can read it here) earlier this year as I had really high expectations of this palette and was quite disappointed! I’m not the biggest fan of brow powders anyway but I thought this was going to change the game for me but it didn’t. Luckily I didn’t pay too much for this as I picked it up in TKMaxx (where all the best beauty bargains are!!) for quite cheap.

I really like the highlight in this palette and it’s really good for under the brow as it’s so subtle yet a nice highlight. That’s the only thing that makes me keep this to tell the truth but I might come back to it one day. I think I could make use of this if I’ve had my brows tinted as they wouldn’t require a pomade to fully colour them.

Miss Sporty 24hour Pump Up Booster Waterproof Eyeliner

I bought this purely on Emily Canham’s recommendation. If you’ve read all my posts I’m sure I’ve mentioned it somewhere that I am hopeless with eyeliner. I try, I really do. I find pens easier to use but I rarely even bother to use them being completely honest. I might consider doing a post about eyeliner for those who are useless at it (me!) and then I’ll share the best liners for novices like me! I just don’t like the brush on this, I find the hairs don’t stay in one direction which makes it hard for you to get a straight line. I find it difficult to manoeuvre.

This may work for you if you’re a pro at eyeliner but for us beginners I don’t recommend this at all. It’s really cheap for those of you who like this style of brush and it’s also waterproof which is really good. I keep this because the day that I master eyeliner I may use this then.

New Look Shape + Fix Brow Gel


This was free when you spent over a certain amount in New Look around Christmas time so I didn’t outright buy this. I live for clear brow gels, I use them every single day even on no makeup days and especially on work days. I’ve gone through an awful lot and there’s a lot of really rubbish ones that I’ve tried. I just don’t find that this has any staying power at all, it doesn’t seem to make any difference to my brows which obviously defies the whole point of a brow gel!?

I still use this on days when I’m not AS bothered about my brows being absolutely perfect. I suppose because it’s a product that I use every single day it’s a bit more understandable why I’d keep hold of it as I go through quite a few tubes and don’t want to spend a fortune on them.

Thank you so much for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it, just a lil’ reminder that I’m not bashing these brands in any way this is just my honest opinion.

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  1. I simply can’t bare to throw makeup away… even if I don’t like it I spent money on it so just can’t bring myself to bin it. every once in a while I’ll think to myself I’ll give it another go but then remember why I didn’t like it in the first place lol. Anna x

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