I Used A Face Mask Everyday For A Week-Did It Make A Difference??

I love using face masks, they’re the best thing to use as part of a pamper routine, to give your skin some love and to chill you out. I was wondering if face masks really do make that much of a difference, I usually use them twice a week and I feel like they make a huge difference to how my skin is throughout the week. But would they make even more of a difference if you used one every day of the week? I thought I’d use a face mask every day for a week, give a little review on each and tell you if I can feel a difference. Let’s get into it…

Sunday- Nip+Fab Glycolic Instant Fix Mask


You may recognise this mask from when I tested it in this post here I didn’t have an overly positive view on this when I initially used it but since I’ve really grown to love it. I applied a thin layer of this whilst I was in the bath and left it on for 10 minutes. This does make my skin feel very tingly and red when it’s on but as soon as I wash it off my skin looks instantly glowy and smoother. I thought this would be the best to start off the week as it has the most profound effect on my skin and has instant effects. I use this once a week without a doubt.

Monday- Soap & Glory What A Peeling De-Clog Mask


I’d never used this face mask before Monday night so this is a first impression as well as a review. This came with a little scooper which I really like and comes with 2 uses. I was shocked as this is luminous pink, I expected it to be black haha! This went on really nicely, there was just enough in the pot to cover my whole face. I left it on for about 25 minutes whilst watching Love Island. Most of it peeled off easily however I did have to use a scrub to get some parts off which were trickier. I felt like this did de clog my skin, I had a couple of blemishes in their early stages yesterday and they’re a lot calmer and less visible after this mask. I will 100% be repurchasing this, it made my skin feel amazing and is great value for money. I noticed such a difference to the appearance of my skin!

Tuesday- Holler and Glow Feline Fine Warming Face Mask


This was a mask that I picked up for 50p in Primark and I was actually surprised. This was a warming mask which was different but felt nice and soothing on my skin and I felt like this gave it a deep clean. However, it was advised to only keep this on for 5 minutes which is not long enough for me at all, I like to put on a face mask and properly chill. My skin felt really nice when I took this off, like it had a really deep clean, I’d definitely pick another one of these up, I’m a huge fan of the Holler and Glow masks.

Wednesday- Harley Street Skincare Pore Minimising Mask


I featured this mask in a full blog post reviewing more bits from Harley Street Skincare here. I’m not the biggest fan of this mask, I don’t think it gives instant effects but I enjoy having it on and it feels nice on my skin. I think my skin was a bit tired by Wednesday and I had a couple of spots in their early stages after I took this off. I still like using this though and use it every now and again.

Thursday- Holler and Glow Bling Ting Sheet Mask


This is going to feature in a haul soon but I couldn’t resist and had to use it for this post! I think this is such a fun mask, with the bling print on it. It was also reduced to 50p so was an absolute bargain. This felt nice on and wasn’t like obtrusive which I find sheet masks are sometimes and it was rejuvenating on my skin. However, on this day my skin had had enough, I broke out with three spots (two forehead, one on cheek where I NEVER get spots) and my skin was in the worst condition it’s been in for a long time. I’m going to aim the masks I use in the next couple of days towards helping improve those.

Friday- L’oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask


This is my all time favourite Detox mask, I always have back ups as I rely on it constantly! As soon as I had a few spots I knew that I wanted to use this. I can’t rave on about this enough, it is amazing and works wonders for my skin.

Saturday- Neutrogena Visibly Clear Wash & Mask


I featured this in a real throwback post on face masks (click here for this nostalgia post!), it’s an oldie but definitely a goldie. I don’t use this as often but I’ve had it for so long and always go back to it. This is a nice mask to have on that works wonders for when my skin is feeling sensitive, spotty and a bit sorry for itself. I love this and will always have it in my collection!


So, the week started really well with my skin responding brilliantly to each face mask and the results I was getting were pleasing. Then on Thursday I woke up to three spots which on Friday morning turned into four, which isn’t like my skin at all. I felt like my skin had had enough and needed a break. My choice of face masks for Friday and Saturday definitely made a difference to the severity of the spots and made my skin feel a lot calmer and took the edge off of the blemishes. I can’t wait to go back to using a face mask only once or twice a week as my skin definitely needs a breather!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope that you enjoyed it and enjoyed this different kind of post as I loved creating it!

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  1. What a fun experiment! I’ve started doing a Monday Mask series because I too am a little skeptical about how much masks actually help your skin. I really enjoyed seeing the different kinds of masks you tried. I’ve been hearing good things about the Loreal one, I might need to give that one a try soon.

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  2. This is such an interesting idea, I was expecting you to say you had amazing skin by the end of the week though. Now I know you’re skin needs to breathe, it makes me feel a little bit better about being too lazy to use masks all the time 🙂 Great post x

    Liked by 2 people

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