Cosy Candles Monthly Subscription Box Review!

Cosy Candles is a monthly subscription box that provides you with your month’s supply of candles! They offer two options, the one that I’m going to be reviewing for you today, that I was kindly sent by Cosy Candles, is the Cosy Pod Subscription Box which costs £14.99. In the box you get six high scented melts which have a combined burning time of 480 hours, which is absolutely insane for the price!

The six scents that I received in my June box are-

1.Peony and Blush


This is a really nice floral scent, this would be a perfect scent to burn in the spring as it’s got that sweet floral smell but is still fresh.

2. Fresh Linen

This is going to be a favourite of mine as I love quite plain fresh scents, I just feel like they make a subtle yet effective difference to a room when they’re being burned. Fresh Linen is a scent that I would burn all year round but would be perfect for a spring clean!

3. Dark Amber and Ginger

This is a Winter scent to me, it’s quite warm and reminds me of snuggling up next to the fire watching a film. I think this is probably the strongest scent, I’m looking forward to burning this on a cold night as the smell itself will warm the room up.

4. Pink Champagne 

This isn’t my usual kind of go to scent but I’m always up for giving new smells a go especially a pink one! It’s quite a signature smell this one, it’s definitely a Summer scent that would be lovely to burn when you have friends round or you’re in the garden having a little get together!

5. Lemon Sherbet

I love sweet smells, especially of sweets that I love to eat! This smells exactly like the sweets which is perfect for me! I’d burn this at any time in my bedroom as this smell relaxes me but makes me want to raid my sweet cupboard asap!

6. Seaweed and Juniper 

Last but certainly not least is Seaweed and Juniper, I had no idea what this would smell like from the name as it’s quite a unique name. This is up there with my favourite scents from this box, it’s fresh, strong and smells so unique. This would be one of those scents that if you were burning it someone would ask what it is as it’s so different!

Final Thoughts


I think this is such a great, unique idea, if you’re a lover of candles or as a gift for someone who loves candles this is absolutely perfect! I think the price tag is amazing for what you receive in the box, you get a nice mix of scents that are all unique and perfect for different times and occasions. I would definitely buy myself another one of these, I’d 100% buy one for my Mum as she’d adore this!

The melts themselves are also amazing quality, they burn really well and the smells are so strong and fill a room in no time! I am so pleased with this box, I genuinely don’t have a bad word to say about it!

I also have a 30% discount code for you all- use the code ‘MOLLIE30’ to receive 30% off of your first subscription box!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope that you enjoyed it and go over and check out Cosy Candles and their amazing subscription boxes!

I received these products complimentary for testing purposes however all opinions are my own.

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