Pay Day Splurge Haul ft. Urban Decay, Primark, Urban Outfitters, TKMaxx

So after my last pay day I splurged. I had a trip to Liverpool with my family and went a bit crazy in the shops. I thought I’d show you everything that I bought as I got some really cool things and lots of bargains so let’s get into it…

Blue Skinny Jeans With Stripes


I’ve been after a pair of jeans like these for so long, I think the addition of the stripe down the sides make them look really cool and add a different look to an outfit. They had limited stock of sizes in the store so I had to squeeze into an 8 which although they do fit I would have preferred a 10. These were £10 from Primark which I thought was a great price, they had them in black also which were £17 but I preferred the blue.

Pom Pom Shoes


Similar to the jeans, I’ve been after pom pom trainers for so long. They didn’t have the trainers in my size so I settled for these slip on ones which I absolutely love. They also had them in white with pink pom poms but I preferred the grey as they’ll go with more outfits and are more versatile. These were £7 I think, I got these in a size 7 and I have worn them non stop as they’re so comfy and look so fun.

Tommy Hilfiger Espedrilles 

I fell in love with these as soon as I lay my eyes on them. I just think they’re so unique and beautiful, I adore the three stripe colours at the back, they’re just something different. These were an absolute bargain from TKMaxx for £30 which I think is quite reasonable for a pair of designer espadrilles. I’ve worn these once since I bought them and they look stunning on and are so comfortable. These are completely off limits for work!!

Umbro T-Shirt


I picked this up on the sale rail in Urban Outfitters for £8 which I thought was amazing for an Umbro t-shirt. I tried it on and loved the fit, I think it’s dead cool and different. I took it to the till and it was reduced to £5, I do love this t-shirt and have worn a few times now.

Victoria’s Secret Pink T-Shirt


I’ve never owned anything from Victoria’s Secret/Pink but I was walking past and saw that they had a sale on so thought I’d pop in. I loved this top straight away, I never really wear anything green so I loved this instantly. This was reduced to £14 and is so comfy, this is one of my favourite tops at the moment.

Fila T-Shirt


I love Fila, both my Dad and Jacob (boyfriend) wear Fila and I adore it on them. I saw this top in TKMaxx for £10 which I thought was a bargain, it’s not too cropped and sits really nice on. I wore this on this photo which I posted on Insta and will definitely be wearing this loads for work.

Champion Jumper 


Champion is a brand that’s really in at the moment so I jumped on the bandwagon with this white cropped jumper which I picked up in TKMaxx for £16.99. I love the fit of this, it fits really nicely and looks cool. I am really conscious whenever I wear it as it’s pure white and I know I wouldn’t be able to get a pizza stain out of that haha!

Bodysuit Vest Top


I’ve been after one of these for so long as I like to wear a vest top under cropped tops/jumpers as I feel conscious of showing skin, especially when I’m at work. But I have the usual issues of keep having to tuck them in and them being visible so I picked up a black vest top bodysuit in Primark for £4 and it’s changed the game completely, I wish I’d picked one up in white! It’s in the wash as I’ve worn it non stop so I couldn’t take a photo so this is one off of a website.

PJ Shorts

These are also in the wash and I can’t find a photo online but these are just blue cotton pj shorts which are so comfy and were in the sale for £2 I think. These are to keep at Jacobs because I always forget to bring pj shorts and end up too hot in full length pants!

3x Face Masks


I can’t resist Primark face masks, they’re so good and such great value for money. These were all reduced to 50p each. The middle mask (Bling Ting) is featured in my ‘I Used A Face Mask Everyday For A Week-Did It Make A Difference??‘ post so go over there to see a mini review. I haven’t used the other two yet but I especially can’t wait to use the first sheet mask which is printed with dogs, how cute is that?

Pollution Protection Face Mist


I love anything skincare and I’m a sucker for face mists. This was reduced to £1 and aims to defend your skin against pollution day to day, which isn’t something that I think about really but I’ll be putting this to use.

Urban Decay x Kristen Highlighter Palette

I am weak when it comes to makeup, completely weak. This was on sale for half price in Debenhams at the Urban Decay counter, from £22 to £11 which for three highlighters is an amazing price especially for the quality of the brand. I am planning on doing a first impressions on this palette so keep your eye out for that!

Urban Decay Original Primer Potion

I’ve never used a high end eye primer, I’ve always used a Collection one but I thought I’d treat myself to this whilst it was reduced from £17 to £14. I’m going to do a post putting this to the test and seeing if it really does make a difference, so make sure you’re following so you get notified when I upload that! I’v heard mixed reviews on this but I’m looking forward to trying it for myself.

Angelica Pen


I used to be the biggest Rugrats fan ever when I was younger, it was one of my favourite TV shows. So as soon as I saw this pen I knew that I needed it, Angelica is one of the sassiest characters and I used to adore her even though I wasn’t meant to! This was £1.50 which I think is good for such a fun, novelty pen!



I have the matching notebook, pencils and pencil case to this female empowerment kind of stationary range so when I saw the stickers reduced to 50p I had to get them to complete my set. Some of these are going on my laptop, I’ll probably dispense the rest around my room on various notebooks and files!

Roald Dahl Monopoly


Me and Jacob have a never ending collection of board games, we absolutely love them, we could sit around all day playing game after game. I spotted this walking past John Lewis and I didn’t have to this twice about buying it, despite the quite pricey tag of £30. It is an absolutely beautiful game though, I am a huge fan of Roald Dahl so this is really special to me. I hope to play this with my own kids one day.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope that you enjoyed it, I’m hoping there won’t be another for awhile as I now have a new car ahhh!

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  1. I haven’t used the face masks form Primark before but after reading this post and your review one I’m gonna have to give them a go! Love all the bits you’ve bought – those tshirts will come in so handy with this warmer weather.

    Rachael |

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