My Subtle Wedding Guest Makeup Look

I attended my Aunty’s wedding a couple of weeks ago so beforehand I decided to trial my makeup look and thought I’d take photographs along the way and turn it into a blog post! So this post I’m going to show you my subtle wedding guest makeup look, I didn’t want to go too heavy as I was wearing a pastel dress with nude accessories which you’ll see at the end of the post when I show you how I looked on the day. So, let’s get into it…


Because this was a trial and I was only keeping the makeup on for a small amount of time I decided not to use primer as it would have just been a waste! But if I was going to prime I would have used the Nip+Fab Primer Water on my face and the Collection Illuminating & Reviving Eyeshadow Primer, this is what I used on the actual day as I can’t fault either of them they’re my failsafes.

Colour Corrector

My skin went quite good just in time for the wedding so I didn’t need to go over the top on the colour correcting. I used green on my red points (checks and spots) and orange under my eyes to contour my dark circles as I have a hella lot of those!



Since I started using the L’oreal True Match foundation I’ve used it a ridiculous amount, I am completely obsessed with it. It gives me a nice full coverage but still makes my skin look natural and healthy. I didn’t even hesitate when I chose to use this for the wedding. I did apply it with a foundation brush but I always go back in with the Real Techniques sponge, I feel like doing this makes it sit perfectly on my skin.



This concealer is incredible, it’s my joint favourite alongside Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. I do have a full review of this which you can read here but the long and short of it is that I LOVE this concealer. The thing that’s given this the upper hand over the Collection one is that I feel like this doesn’t move whatsoever, once it’s one it’s one and doesn’t budge which I was looking for when I’m going to have my makeup on all day.



I’ve only just started using this Nip+Fab Translucent powder and I really like it, especially under the eyes it sits really nice and makes my concealer stay in place. However, it gives me flash back and there’s photos from nights out where it’s reflected which I’m gutted about as I love it, I only realised the flashback after the wedding so I probably wouldn’t opt for this for an event now that I know.



My favourite contour palette is the Nip+Fab palette but the shade in this palette gives me a more prominent contour which I opt for when I have an event but day to day I’d use the lightest shades in the Nip+Fab palette. I have a full review of this palette here.



I really like bronzing on top of contour, I feel like it gives a nice glow as well as bringing back colour into my face. This isn’t necessarily something that I’d do day to day but it adds something extra to my base.



This is the only thing that I reach for for a blusher, the shades are perfect for my skin tone and give me a natural pinky glow. I use the top right hand shade.



I wasn’t 100% about which highlighter I was going to use on the day so I decided to use the highlighter in the Contour Kit which is surprisingly very pigmented and so glowy. This palette is perfect if you’re on a budget, the two pans are perfect and work so well together!

Brow Pomade


This is another fairly new purchase and I cannot rave about this enough! This was only £6 and you get both the pomade and a mini brow brush, which I think is incredible especially considering the quality of it. This shade is perfect for me and my hair colour, this is definitely worth a try!

Brow Gel

When I’m going out or too an event I tend to use a tinted brow gel as it not only holds my brows in place it makes them look more natural and together. This is my favourite tinted brow gel as the shade is perfect (shade 1) and it holds them in place all day.

Conceal Them Brows!


I love concealing around my eyebrows, it tidies them up and makes them look cleaner and precise. I always use the Benefit Boi-ing Concealer in 01 as it highlights underneath them as well, I like the effect that this concealer has.


I cannot rave on about the Primark lip liners enough, they are absolutely incredible and are only £1. I have so many as they’re just so good, I use them every single time that I use a lip liner.



I wasn’t 100% what lipstick I was going to wear on the day, so on my trial I tried this NYX lipstick which didn’t actually work out, the shade was a bit too pinky whereas I preferred a nudey colour to match my pastel dress and shoes.


I didn’t want a heavy eye look as my dress, shoes and bag are all quite pastel and neutral so I wanted my makeup to match that. I used the White Chocolate Palette (review here)
and the single pan from Makeup Obsession, this made the perfect eye look for me. It was really subtle but the pink glitter added something really nice to the look.



These two mascaras are my holy grails, I could not live without them! I use the 2000 Calorie first, it’s waterproof and lengthens my lashes, I then go in with Bad Gal Bang (full review here) which darkens my lashes and really makes them pop. This combination is fail safe for me!

Oil Control Paper & Setting Spray


This is my favourite combination to make my makeup last all day. I use the Essence Oil Control Paper to bring out all the oil, especially from my forehead and then the Setting Spray which makes the world of a difference. Even if I was wearing makeup just for a few hours I use both of these so I knew 1000% I was going to use these for the wedding when my makeup is going to last me all day.

My Final Look


Thank you so much for reading, I hope that you enjoyed it, I’m by no means an expert in makeup and I’m not telling you how to do it at all, this is just how I did it!

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  1. Love the final look you came up with you look beautiful! Also enjoyed reading about all the different products you love, I’ve still never tried anything from Nip+Fab but their products seem great so I need to try some!

    Jess //

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