E’lifexir Natural Beauty Products Reviews!

I was very kindly sent a package from E’lifexir containing a full size tube of their Fitness Body Contouring Gel and samples of all their other gels/creams. I was so excited to try them and put them all to the test to review them for you all. So, today the main focus is going to be on the full size tube that I received as I can give a more comprehensive review of that and mini reviews of the samples. So, let’s get into it…

E’lifexir’s products are ecocert, natural cosmetics that are hypoallergenic. Their products are also vegan and have been dermatologically tested so are suitable for all skin types.

Fitness Body Contouring Gel


The RRP for the 150ml tube of this is £15.99. This aims to maximise your exercise, which is really useful as I’ve recently rejoined the gym and am now in the throws of exercising again (I post a lot about my fitness journey on my Insta stories, link is at the bottom of this post!). This contains caffeine which helps to tighten your skin, dragon eye extract which protects the skin tissue and reduces fatty deposits and black elder extract which helps to improve microcirculation and decongestion of the skin tissue.

It’s advised to apply this gel every morning and evening which I did for about three weeks, massaging it gently on the areas that you wish to target. I applied it all over like a moisturiser but did focus on my legs, stomach and bum as those are the three areas that I’m currently focusing on. It also says to apply before training in order to maximise exercise however I usually squeeze in the gym between calls so don’t really have the time to apply this but this would definitely be worth trying out!

I first applied this after my normal moisturiser when I’d gotten out of the bath. My skin absorbed it really well, a little goes a really long way with this gel which I obviously didn’t know the first time that I used it so I lathered it on and had far too much on- typical haha! I haven’t seen physical differences since using this but I feel like it does make my skin feel tighter and I enjoy using it alongside exercising, I feel like the two kind of go hand in hand in helping to make a difference to my body. I use this about three/four times a week, I would use it more to get the full effect but with the nature of my job and my hours I don’t always have the time or usually forget (oops!).

I’m going to try and keep this in my gym bag as I think this would prompt me to use it once I’m done exercising and make it part of my routine.

Actidren Revitalising Leg Gel


This gel aims to relax and refresh heavy legs. This contains black elder extract to prevent the accumulation of fluids in knees and ankles to improve microcirculation and decongestion of skin tissue. This advises to apply morning and night to affected areas using circular and upwards motions form ankle to groin. It does advise that gentle massaging can stimulate blood flow to help relieve legs.

I can’t say that I experience ‘heavy’ legs but I chose to use this after the gym when my legs were aching the most and I felt like I needed them relaxing and refreshing. It felt amazing and soothed my legs, I’d definitely be interested in buying a full size of this as it made such a difference to how my legs felt especially if I have long shifts after the gym it gives them a revitalise and refresh before I’m back on them again!

Anti-Stretch Marks Repairing & Preventing Cream

This cream aims to support skin by restoring and protecting it- it is formulated to prevent and minimise the appearance of stretch marks. Right, before I say any more on this cream I just want to say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with having stretch marks and you shouldn’t feel like you have to search for a magic cream to make them disappear, they are part of you and tell a story so NEVER be ashamed of having them. This cream contains centella asiatica leaf extract to increase the firmness and elasticity of the skin, scotch thistle to reduce appearance of stretch marks and natural cherry, orange and grape water which improves the well-being of the skin’s protective barrier.

You are advised to apply this morning and evening to the affected areas using circular motions until it is fully absorbed. I chose to apply this to my bum and the back of my upper thigh which is where I find that I’m more prone to stretch marks. I didn’t see a miraculous difference being completely honest with you, which I always am no matter what.

Flat Tummy Reducing & Firming Cream

This cream reduces localised fat deposits and is formulated to visibly firm and tone the belly skin. I think this would make such a difference when applied regularly alongside an ab routine (which I’m currently working so hard at!). This contains caffeine to tone your stomach and define the muscle and help fat combustion and centella asiatica extract to prevent sagging and firm and tone skin.

You are advised to apply this twice daily in a continuous massaging motion clockwise until it’s absorbed. Aside from the fitness gel, this was my favourite cream as I felt like the massaging motion made my abdominal muscles feel so much better (I was suffering from the gym!) and I believe that this would make the most difference out of all the creams!

Bodylift Anti-Cellulite & Lifting Cream

This cream targets early and stubborn cellulite (refer to earlier rant about cellulite) and is formulated to minimise the appearance of it. This contains hydrolysed sundews leaf to help fat combustion, dragon eye extract to protect the skins tissue and black elder extract to improve skin firmness, micro congestion and decongestion of skin tissues.

A small amount of this is to be applied twice a day, extending it to the areas that are most affected. I don’t think this cream is the most suitable one for me as I didn’t notice a massive difference or feel like it would necessarily work miracles for me. Nevertheless I believe this would be more suitable to others whose skin type might be more suited to this.

Push Up Buttocks Sculpting Gel

This aims to shape, smooth and firm skin, it is formulated to help improve cell renewal and protect collagen. I was most looking forward to using this as I work so hard on my bum in the gym and couldn’t wait to give it a go. This contains stevia and mate leaves extract to redefine the look of the bum by contouring and smoothing the skin, scotch thistle extract to prevent stretch marks and black elder extract to improve skin firmness and do many other miraculous things!

It advises to apply this morning and evening with an upward massaging motion. I used this after a heavy leg day at the gym and it made my muscles in my bum feel really relaxed and I do think if this was used religiously alongside the gym it would make a real difference. I’d definitely be interested in buying the full size of this!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope that you enjoyed this review, the products are something different to my blog but I hope you enjoyed reading nevertheless!

I received these products complimentary for testing purposes however all opinions are my own.

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