My Go-To Three Step L’oreal Skincare Routine

I love a good skincare routine, I stick to mine quite strictly but I do like mixing it up every now and again. With my job I sometimes don’t have time to sit and take my time with my skincare so I kind of came up with a quick three step pamper routine which makes my skin feel amazing and doesn’t take up my whole evening- all three products also happen to be from the same brand!

Step 1- Mask
L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Detox Face Mask

This mask has been a solid favourite of mine for near enough a year, it’s my absolute go to face mask and it works miracles on my skin. This always the first face mask that I reach for when I want to save my skin. I always have at least another pot of this as a back up as I literally cannot live without it, whenever it’s on sale I pick one up!

Step 2-Scrub
L’Oreal Smooth Sugar Nourish Cocoa Face And Lip Scrub



I’ve never been one to use a scrub consistently however since this little beauty dropped into my skincare routine a week ago it’s been a God send! I picked this up in ASDA for £1.75 which is insane (and yes I have a back up already!) and I used it the same day and literally fell in love. I love how you can use this on both your face and your lips, it made my skin feel so smooth and I felt like it helped the oiliness and to mattify it. This is a regular product that I reach for now and would not be without- TRY IT!

Step 3- Moisturise
L’Oreal Paris Hydra Genius Normal to Combination Skin


This was another bargain that I found in the Whoops! section in ASDA for £3 and is the best moisturiser that I’ve ever used, I genuinely use it at least twice a day as the way it makes my skin feel is incomparable to any other moisturiser. This does not make my skin feel greasy whatsoever, it makes my skin feel moisturised all day and fresh, especially during this heat it’s been amazing. I cannot recommend this enough, out of all the three products that I’ve mentioned this is the one I’d tell you to buy!

Thank you so much for reading, I love writing skincare posts as I love promoting looking after your skin! This wasn’t an AD and all of the products I paid for myself which I think proves how much I really do love and rate these products!

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  1. Ooo this has made me want to try the scrub out! I saw lots of adverts for it a while back but never got round to trying it. Great routine x

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  2. This is literally my routine!! But I also use some of the other masks, you should definitely try them, I recommend the pure clay mini masks, which are 3 clay masks which you can use together for different parts of your face, the packaging shows you where to put each one for whichever effect you want!

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