Jeffree Star x Beauty Bay Can’t Relate Tour Experience

As soon as Beauty Bay released the below announcement that they would be hosting three events in the UK with Jeffree Star I knew straight away that I had to go. There was no doubt about it. I text Jacob straight away and he was more excited than me (sorry Jacob, haha!). The date for the Manchester event fell in place with my day off, it was held at Event City which is a 35 minute drive from my town- everything was perfect!

Tickets were £44, VIP and General Admission were priced the same, VIP worked on a first come first serve basis. Although the price of the ticket seems quite steep, it did include a goody bag worth over £50 which I was SO excited to find out about!

I was SO nervous we weren’t going to get tickets! Both me and Jacob were in work so I gave the responsibility to my incredible Dad to get the tickets on the Dice app. They were meant to be released at 12PM on the 28th of September (little disclaimer, I didn’t actually buy our tickets so can’t speak from experience on this) but apparently they went on sale a few minutes earlier so the VIP tickets went before people had the chance to try for them. If true, this is a little disappointing and disheartening for those of us who would have loved to have had VIP tickets but nevertheless I was overjoyed that we had General Admission!

On the night of the first event in Dublin I was all over Twitter and Instagram searching to find as much information as I could about the event, the goody bags, the merchandise on sale etc… I had so many questions that I wanted answered! A few were answered but the rest I left to be answered at the even itself.

So, the Manchester event was held at Event City on Saturday 6th October, doors were due to open at 12.30PM and the event was due to start at 2PM. I debated getting there super early but considering I was recovering from a 15 hour shift that I’d done the day before, we decided to push our arrival time back a bit. We arrived at around 11.45PM, I’ve never seen a queue like it in my life, it was never-ending, we thought we would be the end of it but I snaked around after we joined! I was gobsmacked by how many people were there.


The doors opened at 12.30PM and we got through the doors just after 1PM, which I thought was quite a good time. We went to join the queue for merchandise to be told it was already too long and we’d miss the start of the show otherwise, so we bought two bottles of Coke Zero for £2 each (ouch!) and headed to the arena. There was a good choice of seats available which I think was due to the amount of people queueing for merchandise, we decided to sit at the seats facing the stage for the best view, although it wasn’t the closest we had an amazing view.

So, let’s get into the show itself. The stage looked amazing, it was such a stunning aesthetic I need those pink couches! Montana Brown, from Love Island 2017, hosted the event, I thought she was a really good host! I loved her chants, her energy really hyped up the event and made everyone feel excited and anticipating what was coming next! At the Manchester event the guests were Looking For Lewys, Jordan Lipscombe and M M M Mitchell.

On to the tea! Jeffree revealed a lot throughout the Q and A with Montana, Instagram and the crowd. I can’t remember every question and answer word for word obviously but the key things that stuck with me I’ll spill! Jeffree revealed he is in the process of working on another documentary series with Shane Dawson all about Jeffree Star Cosmetics which will include them creating a Jeffree x Shane palette and realising it! I am so happy with this news, I adored the series and think the two work really well together! Secondly, Jeffree spilled a lot about the upcoming releases from Jeffree Star Cosmetics in the following year which includes, a lot more base products including, setting sprays, concealers and baking powders but most importantly a foundation with 55 SHADES. HALLELUJAH! This foundation will be iconic when it’s released, for the shade range alone. At the beginning of November, Jeffree is releasing a Holiday Collection with a new palette which is not rectangular, I am puzzled by what shape the palette will be?! He denied it being a circle or star so I’m unsure.


I find the way Jeffree speaks about his business and his achievements extremely inspiring. Something that he stressed throughout the whole event was DO YOU and do you proudly. I come away with a head full of new ideas, inspiration and sass.

The three guests were all really lovely! They are all so talented and had some amazing things to say. M M M Mitchell is an insane makeup artist he’s also from Manchester so is local-  his makeup tips were gratefully received and I appreciated every piece of advice he gave. Lewys is so funny, he had me howling at times, he’s so real and again, incredibly talented! Jordan is lovely, I’m in awe of what she’s achieved, especially with her stunning palettes in collaboration with Beauty Bay, I am definitely going to invest in one after seeing her on stage!

The event finished at around 4PM, we headed straight to the merchandise stall and the queue was already ridiculous! I don’t know how everyone got there so fast! But we persevered and got served around an hour later. I’d been debating all day what I was going to get, I’d decided to just get a liquid lipstick but in the moment spontaneously bought the iconic Blood Sugar Palette, which cost me £46. Yes I know, it’s a big difference but I’m not going to get many more opportunities to get the palette. Jacob also surprised me and got me one of the tour t-shirts (priced at £25) which I love and have worn many times already! There’s going to be a first impressions post of Blood Sugar coming VERY soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that…



Let’s get onto the goody bag. I love the tote bag itself, I’ve been using it for work, it’s a lovely reminder of a lovely day. Inside the bag was a price list for all of the makeup and merchandise on sale, a £10 off voucher to use on Beauty Bay on Beauty Bay products alone (I have used one already, post coming soon…) and a BB pop socket.

Onto the makeup, sadly both me and Jacob got the same products and they were unable to swap them! We both got a Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skin Frost in the shade King Tut which is a gorgeous copper toned bronze, it surprisingly really suits my skin tone, it’s so pigmented and is just beautiful! The pan is huge and solid, the mirror is really handy- I’m very happy with this! This is retailed at £25.50.

Secondly, was a Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in the shade Watermelon Soda. This is a very summery shade and would really suit tanned skin. I tried this and loved it, although Jacob wasn’t too impressed, it is definitely one I’ll be saving for special occasions rather than on the daily. This retails at £16. So the makeup alone came to £41.50 which is near enough the whole price of the ticket! Apart from the issue with the shades, I was really pleased with the contents of the goody bags!

I loved the event and would 100% attend another in the future. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and keep an eye out for upcoming posts I’m so excited to share them with you all!

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