Revolution Conceal and Define Foundation and Fast Base Concealer Review

This is a long awaited blog post, I’ve wanted to write about these products since the day they were released. I am a huge fan of Revolution Makeup (you’ll know this if you’re a long term reader), my posts on their products are some of my most read and I just love to write about their new releases. So today I’m combining a review on both the Revolution Conceal and Define Foundation and the Revolution Fast Base Concealer, let’s get into it…

Revolution Conceal and Define Foundation in F1


I bought this foundation in the lightest shade-F1-as that is the most suitable for my skin tone. The foundation comes in at £9 which isn’t too pricey for a drugstore foundation, it’s affordable for me and is something that I could repurchase if it runs out whereas more high end foundations that may be absolutely amazing I couldn’t repurchase because of the hefty price tag. There are 24 shades in the range but I believe they’re expanding it, I can’t praise the brand enough for the exclusiveness when it comes to shade ranges they smashed it with the Conceal and Define Concealer range!


This is a full coverage foundation which is the only foundation I tend to buy, I like my foundation to give me a full base covering any blemishes etc. before I go in with concealer. It’s described as ‘long lasting and demi matte’, I’d never tried a demi-matte foundation so I was really interested to give this a go and see what kind of finish it gave.

I love the packaging of the foundation, I think it looks really luxury and aesthetically pleasing. The bottle is glass with the same pink gold lid as the concealer which means they look really nice when displayed together. It has a jumbo doe-foot applicator which I think is a really unique, nice touch rather than a pump- it does claim to give more control and less waste which I do agree with. This foundation is also vegan and cruelty free!


One swipe shows it all, I really rate the coverage of this foundation, it can be built up to provide a higher coverage or used sparingly for a more natural, sheer effect. I do prefer to have a higher coverage, the photograph below shows how much I apply in order to achieve that fuller coverage. I do think the doe-foot applicator means there isn’t as much waste as if I’d used a foundation with a pump.


I love the effect that this foundation gives- it gives my skin full coverage but I think the demi-matte finish means it still looks natural and glowy. I wasn’t sure I’d like the finish but I do pair it with a good setting powder to make sure my makeup stays on all day so I think this mattifies my skin more. It blends out effortlessly, I just use a buffing brush and it doesn’t require loads of blending and dragging around the face.


The rest of my makeup sits really well on top of the foundation so it provides a great base for a full face. I questioned the longevity of the product as I’d heard mixed reviews about how it lasts on the face throughout the day so I put it to the ultimate test which is to me to wear it on a 15 hour shift at work. I was genuinely really impressed with how it lasted there was areas where it had sunken in slightly but I don’t have the best skin so I’d never expect it to make me look flawless all day, especially when I’m working for 15 hours. It didn’t feel heavy at all, it’s really lightweight and is a foundation I’ll reach for for a working day or a normal day.

Overall I’m extremely impressed with this foundation, I had high hopes considering how much I loved the concealer and it lived up to them all. I will definitely be rebuying this when it runs out as it’s something that I reach for consistently now.

Revolution Fast Base Concealer in C1


When I first saw this in Superdrug on release day I didn’t think I’d be a huge fan. I didn’t think the cushion applicator would be up my street, I’ve never really got on with that style of concealer but I trust Revolution and their base products haven’t let me down so far so I was willing to give it a go. This comes in at £5 which is a good price for a drugstore concealer.


This is advertised as having medium, buildable coverage- as I stated before I do prefer a high coverage in both my foundation and ESPECIALLY my concealer to cover all my spots and dark circles. But, again I was willing to give it a chance, especially if it is buildable. As you can tell by the packaging, you twist the concealer at the bottom for the product to come out of the sponge at the top.

The shade C1 which I bought, is for fair skin tones with yellow undertones which is perfect for me, especially for under the eyes.


The packaging does not affect the product itself at all which is what I predicted would happen. It requires minimal twisting for a decent amount of product to come out of the sponge, in terms of the concealer itself a little goes a long way, that one twist provides enough for me to do my under eyes and all of my spots.


It does recommend dotting the concealer under the eye which isn’t something I’d tend to do with a doe foot applicator concealer but I find it is effective when using this. This blends out really well, especially under the eyes it gives such a decent coverage and is still really brightening. It isn’t the best in terms of covering spots, I’d use this if my spots were calm but when they’re at their worst this isn’t the best for them.


Overall, I love this concealer for use on the under eye area it’s one of the most effective but it isn’t my go to for my blemishes/spots. I don’t think the applicator is the most hygienic, especially if you’re using it on spots but if you clean it after every use it shouldn’t be an issue. If I were to rate this I’d give it a solid 3 out of 5.


Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post, I love writing about Revolution Makeup as I said earlier so I hope you enjoy reading it. I also liked doing the combined review, any feedback would be really appreciated!

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  1. When I saw that Revolution were releasing a foundation to match their concealer, I was instantly interested. I love full coverage as well, so it’s good to hear that you think this lives up to its claims! I love that you included photographs so that we could see for ourselves, as well as a guide of how much to put on to achieve the look you did. I’m drifting away from matte foundations as my skin is eczema prone but I don’t think I want to go completely dewy, so I think this is definitely going on my purchase list for when I run out of the ones I’m currently using! I must admit, when I first saw that concealer I wasn’t the biggest fan; I’ve found they tend to run out quicker, which isn’t great when you’re on a budget. It sounds like this wasn’t the case, though, which is definitely a good thing! Thank you for writing such an in depth review!


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