First Impressions: Beauty Bay Origin Colour Theory Eyeshadow Palette

When I saw the initial drop of the Beauty Bay Colour Theory palettes, I was so impressed and knew I had to have one! I put it off then after receiving a £10 off voucher in my goodie bag from the Jeffree Star event (I did a full post on that here) I ordered the Origin palette later that night!

Beauty Bay dropped three palettes- Origin, Evolve and Identity- that all retailed at £25 but are currently on offer for £17.49 which is an absolute bargain so pick one up if you can! Each palette has 42 shades, Origin was the palette that appealed to me the most, it has a mix of matte, metallic and duo-chrome finishes which make it perfect for making the looks suitable for both daytime and evening.

Each palette is laid out in seven strips, which are seven alternative step by step eyeshadow looks. The looks are easy to create with six steps including-base, transition, crease, liner, pop and highlight- which help to make the most out of the colours and result in the perfect eye look. However, if you’re feeling adventurous or want to see what else the palette has to offer you could mix and match the shades to create your own look, which is so much fun and I loved experimenting with the other day!

These palettes are also cruelty-free and vegan, yes Beauty Bay! With everything considered, these palettes were set up to be winners so my expectations were very high.

I decided for my first look I’d go for the first strip of the palette, although I’d love to do a post creating all seven of the possible eye looks but I think I’d end up with incredibly sore eyelids and probably would run out of time and good lighting! 

I patted the first shade, which is a white with a slight glimmer to it, I used this to set my eye primer and create a base (as it’s named). I was surprised by how pigmented this actually was, most white shades in eyeshadow palettes (particularly drugstore ones) swatch transparent but this is true to the pan and is white.

I love this next shade, it’s one that I would put all over the lid on it’s own if I was going for a simple, minimal effort eye look. I decided to take this all through my crease, going as close to the inner corner as I could and blended it all out. Looking back, I would have probably preferred to have used this all over the lid and also blended it up and throughout the whole lid. 

I then deepened the crease using the next shade which is purposefully for the crease. This is a quite deep purple/burgundy shade which differs quite a lot to the burnt orange shade for the Transition. The two colours did work well and had a really nice effect when blended together through the crease. Although I wouldn’t necessarily put these two together myself, I’m glad I tried it.

I don’t use eyeshadows as liner, being completely honest I don’t use liner at all anymore, I learnt to accept that it just isn’t something I enjoy using or am very good at, haha! I still wanted to incorporate this shade into the eye look so decided to pat it gently over the lid, which was a big mistake as it was too dark, it would have been better if I’d have put it in the outer V of my eye but we learn from our mistakes! When I use this palette now, I tend to use the Liner shade for that purpose or not at all.

Next is probably my favourite shade of all, the Pop shade! This one is a beautiful subtle gold, if I hadn’t have packed on the Liner shade this would have been STUNNING but because it’s base was quite dark I felt like it didn’t have it’s full effect although it was still lovely and gave a Pop! All the Pop shades are stunning shades, I can’t wait to work my way through them all! 

My final couple of steps was to blend everything out, making everything look seamless without any lines or smudges etc. I then took the Highlighter shade in both my inner corner and under my eyebrows, I don’t think these shades would be as pigmented as say a Jeffree Star highlighter but they’re still really nice shades that work well with the colours in their strip and give a lovely effect.

Overall, I was pleased with the look, I definitely think it could have gone better but that is all down to me making misjudgements haha, it’s no fault of the palettes at all. I found the shades pigmented, easy to blend and lovely true to pan colours. All of the shades worked well together, each shade is true to their purpose and after all this is a first impressions so I was learning as I went along with this palette. All 42 shades are stunning and I can’t wait to make full use of them all and experiment fully with this beautiful palette.

I’d love to do another post on this in the future about my favourite looks to do with it, let me know if this is something you’d be interested in! 

Thank you so much for reading this post, it’s been in the pipeline for a couple of months so I’m so glad it’s finally out! I really hope you enjoyed it! 

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  1. This palette looks BOMB! I might need to pick it up for the holidays. 🙂 and thank you for showing what it looks like on the eye and not just doing swatches. It’s extra work, but it really helps show what they look like! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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