Eyeshadow Palette Collection 2018

Last year I did a Makeup Collection post and my biggest regret is that I haven’t done an updated version this year. Time ran out on me and I didn’t have the time to put one out so I’ve decided to do the next best thing and show you my eyeshadow palette collection. I love eyeshadow palettes, I love seeing what palettes others have and why. So, I’m going to show you my eyeshadow palettes saying a little about each, let’s get into it as I feel this is going to be a hefty one… 

No7 Nude To Night Palette

My Mum gifted me this, this palette was part of an offer in Boots recently, when you bought a certain amount of products (can’t quite remember, sorry!) you got this palette free. In the palette you get a blusher, bronzer and highlighter as well as six eyeshadow shades. This is a perfect travel palette, it saves you bringing four separate pieces of makeup. The eyeshadow shades are very much aimed at nighttime, going-out eye looks, I do wish it’d have a matte shade in it but the bronzer does double up quite well. 

No7 Limited Edition Eye Palette in Nude

I received this palette in a Christmas gift set a few years ago and was really surprised by how well this works for such a small palette. I compare this a lot to the White Chocolate Chip palette you’ll hear about later in this post, it’s got a very similar feel to it. It’s perfect for natural looks, the shades are wearable and this was my go to travel palette for so long. 

Makeup Revolution Revoholic Palette

This was the 25th day of the Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar last year and it’s been well used the year that I’ve had it in my collection. I tried out the browns on a whim one day and couldn’t believe how pigmented and dark they were, I always reach for those brown shades even above my high end ones sometimes! I wouldn’t say this is a must have for everyone but it’s become quite a staple in my collection.

Makeup Revolution Reloaded Iconic Fever

I didn’t think that much of this palette when I picked it up for £4 in Superdrug. I did a little First Impressions post (linked here) which turned out to be my most read post ever, it’s rocketed views wise above all of my other posts. I think this is a great dupe to Naked Heat, I sometimes reach for this over the Naked palette. The shades are really pigmented, they blend really well and I think the palette is an absolute steal for less than a fiver! 

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

This was the first high end eyeshadow palette that I got which I think is why I’m so attached to it and adore it so much. I just think this is a beautiful palette- the packaging, shade range, chocolate scent, quality- I am so attached to it and will never get rid of this. My Mama (my grandma) bought me this so I think this will be something I keep forever and will hopefully show my own kids one day, even when it’s past it’s use. I always reach for this and always will, even if it’s just for that stunning Champagne Truffle highlight!

Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Palette 

This was a TKMaxx steal for £16.99, I genuinely can’t urge you enough to go and have a mooch in your local TKMaxx, they stock some amazing high end makeup for a fraction of the price, you can really drop on! This is a very natural palette with quite a limited selection of shades but it is still a lovely palette if you’re using it for work or a natural eye look. If you want to see more about this palette, I have a full post on it here.

Too Faced Love Palette

This is a very natural palette with quite a limited selection of shades but it is still a lovely palette if you’re using it for work or a natural eye look. If you want to see more about this palette, I have a full post on it here.

Too Faced Love Palette

I picked this up in TKMaxx (I can’t quite remember the price) after getting my A-Level results so it does have sentimental value. This is quite a unique palette in terms of the layout and shades but I just love it. It is divided into three squares of five shades, all of which have a purpose and also comes with a black eyeliner that I’ve never used. This seems to have gotten a bit lost in my collection so I don’t reach for it much anymore but I still think it is absolutely beautiful and a crucial part of my collection.

Urban Decay Naked 3

I don’t want to be a negative nancy but this isn’t a palette that I live for, it was the first Urban Decay palette that I bought and I thought it was the one most suited to me but as soon as I tested it out I realised it really wasn’t- which is disappointing considering this was £39.50. I do use this from time to time but I just don’t find myself reaching for those shades and feeling drawn to it. I don’t know if I need to force myself to make use of it to fall in love with it but it’ll definitely still stay in my collection considering the price.

Urban Decay Naked Heat

My boyfriend bought me this for Valentine’s Day which is so fitting as it is all about the reds! This is very similar to Iconic Fever but is obviously a higher quality with sightly different shades. I have a full post on this palette here if you want to see more of it. This is priced at £39.50 which is the average price of higher end palettes, it’s not something I’d fork out for weekly or even monthly so it means even more when you get treated to one! 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette

This was another bargain in TKMaxx which I bought just after my birthday in August for £20. It was another impulse purchase and this went untouched and unopened for so long. Then one day I took time out to have a proper play with it and I fell in love with it! I think the formula felt really high quality, the shades were really pigmented and blendable. Although they’re not everyday shades, I still really like having this palette in my collection.

Sleek I-Divine in All Night Long

I received this palette in a giveaway package, I’ve never tried a Sleek eyeshadow palette and being completely honest I haven’t actually tried this one (this makes me feel really bad, oops!). But this post has prompted me to give it a try as it is a really lovely little palette. I’ve never seen pans as small as this in my life, they are minute but it means that they could pack twelve stunning shades into this pocket rocket of a palette. I, in particular, love the last shade on the bottom row it is a staple shade for Autumn and seems so pigmented when swatched. This is a dark horse in my collection and one that deserves so much more attention.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Sugar Palette

This was a complete impulse purchase whilst at Jeffree’s Can’t Relate Tour (post on the event here) and one that I definitely did not regret! This is the most expensive palette in my collection costing £46 but I just love how luxurious the whole packaging is and the high quality of the actual eyeshadows themselves. No other eyeshadows compare to the ones in Blood Sugar for me, they’re so easy to blend, so creamy and pigmented. To see the shades in action I have a full post on the palette here featuring shades and an eye look. 

Beauty Bay Colour Theory Origin Palette

This is the most recent addition to my collection, I can’t rave about this palette enough to be honest. I think the whole idea of the layout and shades is just brilliant, there’s nothing like it out there. I have a full First Impressions on this post, which you can read here if you want my full thoughts on it. There’s so much to do with this palette, it has 42 stunning shades that can make so many versatile looks. This is a winner for £25!

Thank you so much for reading, I’ve been wanting to do this for so long so I hope you enjoyed having a nosey into my eyeshadow palettes. Please don’t interpret this as me showing off, that’s not me or my intentions at all, this is just for fun and a nosey! 

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