Films I Went To See In The Cinema In 2018

Myself and my boyfriend Jacob are massive cinema go-oers. We’ve been to see so many amazing films in the cinema this year so I thought I’d compile them (with the help of Jacob) into a list to share with you all and tell you a bit about them all. So, let’s get into it…
(These are in no particular order, not date or favourite!)

Bohemian Rhapsody X2

This is definitely up there in my absolute favourite films released this year. Rami Malek was an incredible Freddie, it was brilliant to hear all those iconic Queen songs and to see everything that went on behind the scenes. We went to see this twice, we would have gone more if we had the time and money as it was one of those films that I just wanted to watch over and over again. If you haven’t watched this, please do!

Halloween (1978) 40th Anniversary

I hadn’t watched any of the many Halloween movies, I knew we’d be going to see the 2018 release so was expecting to watch the backlog of the movies anyway so I was chuffed when I saw my local Cineworld were showing the original 1978 Halloween. I absolutely loved it, it gave us all of the comedic spooky vibes and was perfect to set us up for the 2018 version. Although there was a kick off towards the end of the showing which was a complete pain!

Halloween (2018)

After watching the many editions of Halloween I was completely buzzing for the updated version. I loved that Jamie Lee Curtis was in it, I could really appreciate this because of the older versions, I think she is brilliant and is so effective in these films. I thought it was quite different how this film ignored all of the other sequels, what I did like was that it squashed the idea that Michael and Laurie were siblings. There was a lot that I liked about this remake and a fair few things that I wasn’t a fan about.


Jacob was so hyped for this, both of us were really and we were so disappointed! This was a complete flop for me, there was a few jump scares but on the whole this did not live up to the hype and the creepiness of ‘Slenderman’. This had the potential to be amazing, if this possibly had a bigger budget it could have been made so much better and been amazing. This was a disappointing one.

The Meg X2

This is one of my faves from this year, I love shark moves and Jason Statham so this was a win win for me! I completely geeked out when I watched this for the first time, I was so hyped up by it and blooming loved it. I went to watch it a second time with Jacob and his family and loved it even more, like it genuinely made me enjoy and appreciate it on a different scale. If you love a shark movie, this is one to watch (and if you love Jason Statham)! 

Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again X2

This is one everyone was waiting for this year, the sequel/prequel to Mamma Mia featuring all of the original cast plus a new squeaky clean cast including; young Donna, Sam, Harry, Bill etc… This was just brilliant, the soundtrack was amazing, the prequel aspect was so enjoyable as was the sequel aspect and Lily James as young Donna was ICONIC. The best feel good film of 2018!

The Incredibles 2

This was such an anticipated release of 2018 and I had mixed feelings for it being completely honest. I actually fell asleep at one point, I just didn’t enjoy the story I found myself feeing bored and disappointed. I hate to be a let down on this one, especially since it was so hyped up but I just didn’t enjoy it and was a bit gutted!

Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom

I’m such a dinosaur geek, I adore the whole Jurassic Park movie series and am completely hooked on the Jurassic World series. I actually preferred this to the first instalment, it was so much more tense and emotive, I felt like it had a much stronger story line as well. I actually cried watching this, there’s one scene that just pulls at those heart strings so much (no spoilers!). I absolutely loved this, I can’t wait for the next one…

The Greatest Showman

This is the stand out film of 2018, for everyone. Nothing has topped this in terms of the effect it’s had since its release in January, it’s been so relevant all year; especially since the release of ‘The Greatest Showman Reimagined’ featuring the amazing Panic At The Disco covering ‘The Greatest Show’. This has got such a stunning, iconic soundtrack with a star studded cast (Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Zendaya…) that portray such a beautiful message in an unforgettable film.  

A Quiet Place

This was one not to take any crisps or popcorn into. This was such an intense film, the use of sound is just applaudable it makes the story even more powerful. I loved that this featured the power couple Emily Blunt and John Kransinski who were brilliant together in this film. I really enjoyed A Quiet Place, it was so powerful and a great horror.

Insidious: The Last Key

I love the Insidious film series, although I haven’t watched them all in order so I haven’t followed the story chronologically. I was so excited for this, the trailer looked so good and I loved the idea that it gave a bit of background to Elise. It lived up to all my expectations, I loved seeing Elise as a child and how her gift came to be. The film shows her going back to the childhood home that haunted her which made an interesting watch, this was a great instalment to the series and my favourite yet.


Coco left me and Jacob sat in the cinema in floods of tears. This is one of my favourite Disney films ever, I was so invested in all of the characters and Miguel’s story, don’t forget the beautiful music. I don’t even know what else to say about Coco, just watch it and thank me later.

Sherlock Gnomes 

I went to watch this in work (not one of the hardest of days!) and was pleasantly surprised by how much I actually enjoyed it. I LOVED Gnomeo and Juliet so was inclined to like this as it featured the same loveable characters plus loads new ones including Sherlock Gnomes voiced by Johnny Depp, no other. An easy to watch kids film, I do hope they continue to make more ‘gnome’ films as I love watching them!

Fantastic Beasts The Crimes Of Grindlewald

I am a huge Harry Potter fan and I have fallen head over heels in love with this whole new avenue of the Wizarding World- the Fantastic Beasts series. I absolutely love this new aspect of the World we’re seeing, the characters are so interesting, the storyline gets more intriguing the more that it unravels- I am completely hooked on it. I definitely preferred the second instalment to the first, I felt like it had a deeper story, gave us a better insight into Hogwarts and played on characters we already know (Dumbledore, Nagini…), although it wasn’t as entertaining and playful it definitely opened more doors and left me with many MANY questions…


The trailer for this had us on tenterhooks, we were so intrigued and knew we had to see it. I loved the involvement of technology, it was modern, more technological take on ‘Taken’. I thought this was brilliant, the storyline was so gripping and I didn’t anticipate nor guess the ending which I was so pleased with. I thoroughly enjoyed this, I was so impressed by the story and the means by which it reached the climax.

The Nun

I am a huge fan of The Conjuring, I thoroughly enjoyed both films and the spin off films as a result of it (Annabelle and Annabelle:Creation) so I had such high hopes for this. I was really disappointed by this, I think it’s one that I need to rewatch it to get a better grip of the story and become more invested in it, as I am in the other movies. I jumped at all of the scares and am now terrified of nuns but this didn’t overly impress me.

A Star Is Born X2

Last but CERTAINLY not least is ‘A Star Is Born’. Wow, oh wow. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are an iconic duo when paired as Ally and Jackson Maine in this incredible movie. The soundtrack has produced some just beautiful hits including, Shallows, I’ll Never Love Again and Always Remember Us This Way that are just mesmerising (I mean who else had to pick their jaw up when they heard Bradley Cooper start singer!?). I absolutely sobbed watching this, both times, it definitely pulls at the heart strings and hits you with every wave of emotion. A beautiful film that I’ll always love and never forget.

Thank you so much for reading this post, it’s one I haven’t done before so I do hope you’ve enjoyed having a nosey into our cinema trips this year and what we thought of each one. I’m so excited for all of the films due to be released in 2019, we’re tempted to splash out on Unlimited cards so we can have many more trips next year but we’ll see…

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  1. Justin & I went to see the newest Jurassic World when it came out and about an hour into the film- the power at the theater went down haha so we ended up buying it on DVD later and watching it. Really great movie (:


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